Hello everyone! It’s great to finally be a part of a community that I have been a lurker of for quite a while. My name is Robbie I am 26 and I live in Boulder,CO. I am a streamer on Twitch. I primarily play Day Z currently. I’m a sucker for survival games… Thanks for welcoming me and have a great day!



I’ve never tried DayZ. Attempted H1Z1 when it first went into early access. Decided survival games are not my thing.

Maybe I’ll check out your stream soon.


Welcome to the cave sir!

HAve fun, go crazy and try not to break anything!

Currently the Survival type of games i am playing is Arma 3 Exile. Havent touched DayZ in a long time. Maybe its time to go back with a team mate!


Welcome to Strats! Feel free to grab a beverage or :beer: from the cooler if you’d like. Can’t say I’ve looked at DayZ in recent times, though I did enjoy spending hours in the original Arma II mod.


Thanks for the quick replies guys! I couldn’t recommend Day Z, ha. Looking forward to getting to know all of you and the rest of thEurope community. #teamstrats


Welcome. I played DayZ for a bit, but they haven’t done anything substantial with it in the last 2 years. :frowning:


Hey mate, welcome to the party! My brother-in-law is moving out near there before long, I think. Too cold for my taste. Let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues.


Hello Robbie, welcome from lurking!


Welcome aboard, glad to have you join us!


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