1.14GB GTA Online update just hit



I don’t know what it’s addressing, but I’ve been camping my PS4 for an hour trying to get into Online when this update showed up. I’ll post the details of it once I find them posted somewhere :wink:

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Gosh I hope so. This isn’t patch notes but it says they are addressing connection errors. Glad it is being addressed quickly, it’s so annoying.


Yeah, I’ve seen that as well. So far I still can’t get on, but I have a reddit post up in hopes of finding some answers :wink:


Something something Online is back up :wink:


Is it working today, I am at work.


Around 4am CST they turned the update back on but as I was totally not still awake, cough I can’t confirm if they got it sorted. I’m about to go check though; details shortly :wink:


In my experience today, it’s not 100% but it’s way better. I was actually in free roam with 20-25 people consistently, which takes some getting used to but that’s another story. The problem I ran into was very long load times sometimes when switching from free roam to activities. Sometimes it would take 2-5 minutes and would just dump me in a world alone. Not once did I get disconnected though.


I just got in game with @PreshusKitty who did not get the same update that I got, but we’re running around together now; everything seems to be more or less working :wink:


I couldn’t join in with the crew at all, frustrating. There is supposed to be another update Mon or Tues, hope things improve.


I know how that is @jbarron49. I am denied a lot when I go to join stuff, you are not the only one


All of Rockstar’s network went down again last night for a few hours, not sure what it was all about, but it seemed to be working fine once everything came back up shrug


I get home around 6.30 cdt, we’ll see if its working then, I hope so.