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Nice! Lootcrate is a lot of fun. I was a member for a year and a half and loved the cool trinkets, shirts and other fun things I got. Unfortunately, due to money issues I had to cancel my subscription literally 2 days ago. I have one more crate coming to me within a few days and I know it’ll be bittersweet.

If anyone has any questions about it I’d be happy to answer them.

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I did loot crate for about 6 months and decided to cancel because I felt it wasn’t worth the money. Especially since the tshirt was ALWAYS too huge even though I filled my size out. I thought it was fun and it was a nice surprise but to be honest I would rather take that money and buy a nerdy item I know I would like.

I hate to ask but can you do similar for the Horror/Nerd block? Loot crate totally botched a set of subs for our kids (all on the same order and we had a heck of a time getting them sent in time for the holidays.) and we have decided that they just don’t have the customer focus to get our bucks.

I love all the feedback (although we are not Loot Crate). However, the important thing here is that Loot Crate believes in what we’re doing here and we have entered into a relationship with them to further help our #teamstrats streamers and youtubers moving forward.

As this and other relationships grow, we will be bringing more people in and bringing new opportunities directly to our partnered streamers.

It’s cool, I just cant give them money in good conscience. Glad they are on as a sponsor.

i just subbed for a year of Loot Crate using my 10% off strats code!


I received my final lootcrate today. :sadgumball: It was very nice and had a lot of neat stuff. :sadgumball: I’ll miss you lootcrate.

Did you know that you can go to http://www.lootcrate.com/strats and get a new subscription for 10% off, using the coupon code: Strats? Think of how much better you will feel knowing that your relationship with Loot Crate does not have to end and it is actually being enriched by the community you have come to love! :wink: