11/1/15 raid hard mode PS4


Hello hello i’m trying to do the raid on hard mode… I don’t need a fresh run i’m willing to jump in and do the end half or w.e is needed just wanted to see if tonight or tomorrow night anyone will be running the hard mode raid??


I’m at light level 305, could I benefit to the team as a 305? If so if like to join. When you starting? I probably couldn’t play until 830-9 EDT.


I have a gorg check point on my warlock. If the stars align lemme know and we can play. I’m also slated for trials and strikes today, so we’ll see.


Shouldn’t have an issue until Oryx. A solid 300+ team can deal enough DPS for all the encounters up to him.


@Fyrefly21 and I would be in. We both have the Oryx checkpoint and I’ll probably run it on my titan to get extra gear if we don’t want to start at oryx.


I was on earlier no one was on looking to do the raid. Good luck if you guys end up getting something together tonight


Been that kinda day. I’ll be on later tonight probably.


Is there a time this is happening?