12 hour+ Stream Saturday!


I was wanting to do something special for the Birthday event we are having and a few things came up so I could do a 12-24 hour stream! So my brother and his girlfriend (I share a room with them) will be gone this weekend ontop of that I just reached 200 followers so between everything it’s the perfect time to do a 12-24 hour stream! (Note that I will be streaming for 12 hours minimum 24 max last time I hit 100 followers I ended up saying the same thing and did a 16 hour stream!)

Long story short… I will be starting the stream at 2 AM Central Saturday morning and will stream until I drop!

EDIT: Well I did have 200 followers guess some unfollowed and I’m one short just like when I hit 100! lol


You were at 201 when I went there, but I wasn’t following so I fixed that to put you at 202. Just in case. :slight_smile: I’ll try and pop in as I can.


I was hype about this when you tweeted me about it, @AiKiller!

I’ll be able to come through after my late night stream on Saturday. :smile:

I wrap up right when you’ll be starting!


I just couldn’t make it! I got 7 hours in and just crumbled! I started having to think of how to construct my sentences and then how to say the constructed sentences as well figure out what to do while that was happening and it just got too hard! I’ll have to pick another date that I can go live and make up for the 12-24 hour stream. I’ve done it before I guess I just didn’t have the energy tonight sorry everyone! :sadgumball: <3


Going for a long time is incredibly difficult, but good job making it 7 hours! I still haven’t got that far!


Awwww, it’s okay @AiKiller! The longest I’ve gone is 4+ hours so I can’t imagine doing 7 straight, much less 12. I always admire ya’ll for going for those long distance streams!


I’ve made it 16hours as I said. Just with little sleep and next to no energy I was surprised I made it 7. lol