12 Hr Stream #2: Let's Get A Car


Another video game stream marathon with James and Jim, this time to help pay for a new Fluker car! http://Patreon.com/elbowrocket and https://imraising.tv/u/elbowrocket

The stream will once again be at http://twitch.tv/falconflavoredpunch w IRL happening @ Fluker Mansion w secondary games, CAH, etc

I’m copying and pasting this from Facebook for @famousquest, but they are doing another 12 hour stream that I’ll be promoting the hell out of. These guys always run entertaining streams, usually play games that the viewers can participate in, and let’s face it: financial hardships suck.

Even if you cannot watch the stream, any and all help and support for these guys is greatly appreciated. I’ll keep this post updated with new developments as I hear from them. I’m aware that the “imraising” link isn’t working yet, but I’m hoping to have it rectified soon.

Thanks in advance!


Thanks for posting this, Peter.

I don’t want to come off too much as a beggar but I’m just hoping for a little extra help to make ends meet with this expensive car event. (Old car is not worth fixing so I have to invest in a new [used] car. Even after selling the old scrap, selling my bonds and about $1000 of my personal belongings, I’m still gonna be really tight/not quite there.)

Still working on the list, but it’ll be ~6 games for ~1-2hr blocks. Some possibilities include: Jackbox Party Pack, DiveKick, FarCry4, FF Type-O/XV Demo, RE: Revelations 2, Wolfenstein TNO, FNAF, Alien Isolation, and classic TIE Fighter. Totally open to suggestions though.

Thread for the first marathon back in February was here