18 gb update for destiny


I went to play a few hours ago and had a 18 gb update for destiny. …it is STILL downloading…grrr



Damn I was about to log on


What does the update contain? 15 minutes left on mine


It’s not 18gb,. it’ll start at around 17.5gb or so, but only need about 10 minutes to download.

Here’s the details



Says you, took me over an hour to download it


Partly the reason destiny has pissed me off more and more is crap like this: “‘Shot Package’ perks have been removed and replaced on Shotguns with a non-range-boosting perk"


Yeah, Destiny lost me when they started shitting on my beloved shotguns last year.


incorrect…it started at 0 and took over 7 hours to download 18.2 gb of whatever it was.


You were re-downloading the TK update. Tis buggy.


No idea why ,mine started @ 17.2gb and I watched it start there.