1Password & Todoist Premium for $10 - GameDev Humble Bundle



As someone who’s been thinking of finally getting himself a password manager, I stumbled across the GameDev Humble Bundle which currently gets you both a 1 year sub to 1Password Families (new subs only) & 1 year to Todoist Premium for a cool $10 USD! A year of 1Password alone should be worth the cash, assuming you qualify for it.

Also included in the bundle are:

  • Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Standard
  • Pyxel Edit (Beta)
  • Spriter Pro
  • Spriter Pro Game Effects Art Pack
  • HTML5 Exporter
  • Marmoset Hexels 2.5
  • Spriter Pro Basic platformer, Adventure Platformer, and Run N’ Gun Platformer Art Packs
  • PICO-8
  • SpriteIlluminator Lifetime License
  • Spriter Pro RPG Heroes and Radius Wing SHMUP Art packs
  • Voxatron

Anyone going to cash in on the bundle? Or is this one a pass?


honest reply…

it is so bright! omg… but anything @lyteforce is good boys!!!

Go get it!


Highly recommend 1Password. Been using it for years.


I’m grabbing this. Thanks for letting me know it’s up!


i tried 1Password several times, especially since it was the first to really integrate into the iphone OS. but after going back and forth with a few other password managers, i’ve settled on lastpass. been using it for a few years now and haven’t looked back. maybe i need to take a peek back at 1Password though.