1TB 7200rpm SSHD $76.99 has my PS4 like vroom


So my buddy turned me on to this deal on amazon today for a seagate 7200rpm sshd 1TB. I installed it this past weekend and holy shit…everything loads MUCH faster. I have been playing Just Cause 3 and it took my load times from 1-4 min (yes it’s been so long before that I have had to walk away and come back), down to 20-30 seconds or faster. Now I’m not sure if Just Cause acutally pushed down an update to speed up the load times or not, but still, this thing is saving me real life time. I love it.

Here is the deal


Yeah I upgraded mine to a 2tb drive a while ago and I love it.


do you see a noticeable load time with yours?


I didn’t get a ssd so not really…I do love the amount of storage though!