2 Step Verification for PSN Account



I found this on reddit today:

Hello all!

Like many of you, my PSN fell victim to unauthorised access recently.
Playstation were fantastic with getting my account locked down and
transferred back to myself (never doubted them), and after a call today,
I was informed that as of the 24th of August 2016, 2-Step Verification
will be available for all players.

This means that you will need your phone with you when you want to
make any changes to your login details, so Playstation can send you an
authorisation code via SMS. Currently, I am unaware of if there will be
any changes to the partner app which will allow this also.

Benign_Reaver, PS4 player.

I for one know I will be doing this. A while back when PSTV was new I bought one and logged into my account…I ended up logging in to someone who had stolen my info and everything was in Russian. Hackers like to get your account info and use your account just for the games you have bought, there were like 3 accounts on this machine and before this person caught on I started deleting games until they shut the system off. lol. Anyway, I have heard horror stories of people’s account’s getting banned because of a hacker doing this. So this 2 step verification is a much use to me to protect not only from hackers, but from PSN itself. lol. It’s actually a shit ass policy to do such a thing to an account…you not only lose all your trophies, you lose all the games bought on PSN!!

Sauce: https://www.reddit.com/r/playstation/comments/4yprsn/service_update_2step_verification?compact=true


I like me some sauce


Haha. I steal that from imgur.


You should use 2FA for everything that supports it. Many password managers, like 1Password which I use, support it. This way you can keep everything organized and you don’t have to manage having many different O&O apps installed to get codes.


I use one 1Password for all my passwords, I love it. What do you mean by “2FA for everything that supports it”? Could you explain this more @Vocino?


2-factor authentication: use it everywhere and you’re less likely to get hacked, essentially, I expect :wink:


ah ok. understood. Lol I thought he meant there was something I could already do.


Do you use 1Password as your 2FA app? Makes life easy: