2015 games - Battlecry & Fortnite


Not to be confused with Battleborn from Gearbox, has anyone heard of Battlecry from Bethesda? Seems to be a 3rd-person Overwatch-style game, this one with an Eastern European theme.

I had to watch this with a bowl of borscht. It gets bloody.

Here’s a gameplay video from E3 2014. I can see some TESO in there.

I also found this game Fortnite from Epic Games (Unreal, Gears of War). Seems to be their style of tower defense, like Dungeon Defenders. After watching the gameplay video I’m actually interested in this one and signed up for testing. This could potentially be a fun Strats game.

Fortnite launches on July 25

This game looks like it will be very fun/frustrating.


I didn’t watch the gameplay, but it looks like another TF2 clone to me


Battlecry’ is pretty! I’m all for a nice medieval battle. I’m curious about the female leads, as well.


Battlecry seems awesome.