22 days @&&&@$@&$



Only 22 days left… I’m getting the shakes. :smiley:



Hmm that’s odd, your gif showed for a just a moment but is now just whitespace. Opens up in a link separately though.

Anyways, incredibly excited for this game, I just hope I get around to finishing TLOUR before Destiny is released.


I keep watching videos. . . BUT THAT’S JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH!


I would like to update this by saying, NO DAYS!


Still more than a day for some people… I both hate and love Amazon delivery.


Digital is where it’s at.


What can I say i’m old fashioned.




Amazon secretly charged me 99$ for a year of prime lol. Once i saw it i cancelled and the good thing is they refunded the money! But its gamestop at 12 for me:D


Lesson I learned from dealing with my Xbox when I was 15, always set auto renewal off!


they got me with the free trial…i am lucky i checked my credit card today!


Yeah I saved my free trial for Destiny specifically so I could get that free release day shipping. Prime really is a great deal though if you order a lot.