22 percent of Overwatch players use integrated graphics



Believe it or not.

In a talk at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco earlier this month, Blizzard senior software engineer Ryan Greene explained that Blizzard built Overwatch with a wide variety of hardware in mind.
“Blizzard historically supports a very large number of players,” Greene said. “It’s just something we work towards and always has good benefits.”

Blizzard built a brand new game engine from the ground up for Overwatch, and in doing so was able to make design decisions with the “minspec” in mind. From the beginning of the project, Greene says that players using the “recommended spec” should be getting at least 60 fps, while those on the “minspec” should be able to get 30.

To get to that point, Greene said it was important to get the engineering team “excited about minspec.” After all, Overwatch is a game characterized by its colorful characters and vibrant world—what would be the point in getting the game to run on low-powered hardware if it lost all of its soul.

“Not everybody was excited at first, but as we got going on it, people really felt the value in it,” Greene said. “We set up playtest labs with various machines all configured with different hardware. We got different people to play on it, and they were surprised at how well it ran, and how much it felt like Overwatch.”


Well I guess that is why integrated graphics is even a thing. Every person I know wouldn’t even consider not using a gpu so I always wondered why integrated even existed. I guess there is a demand for it.


My opinion is that many young players are using integrated graphics. Their parents might buy a PC from Walmart or similar and not realize the usefulness of a discrete GPU.

I’m glad that Blizzard even considered this. Accessibility is good.


The world is masterfully drawn so it looks good on anything. When I say drawn, It doesn’t use any depth maps in its materials (textures). The lighting on the textures is all drawn in beautifully. I just wanted to say how impressed I’ve always been with what the artists could accomplish without height, bump, or parallax maps on anything… I have a crush on overwatch…

Edit: the world looks like it doesn’t use heightmaps and such, just the characters and probably the payloads too, I may be wrong, just my observations


That is really interesting. If you want to get as many players as possible it makes a lot of sense.