24hr stream on Sunday August 13th


So I am unable to post in Promotion for this.
after getting my first few weeks in and finally getting over 100 views currently on my stream i have decided to hit this milestone with a 24hr stream.
tomorrow Sunday the 13th of August at 10mtn time i will officially start my stream. i am also going to have a giveaway during my stream if I hit my follower goal that i will decide upon at the start of my stream.
i know its a little short notice and my next 24hr stream will come with more advanced notice but if you are able to stop on by and have a good time
With love DasRenegade


Hello @DasRenegade. You don’t have permission to post self-promotion because you haven’t spent any time on the forum. I’m moving it for you because (I think) you are relatively active in Discord.

However, it’s good practice to use the forum more to raise trust level and get more goodness for next time.


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