4 Reasons Why You Want To Quit Playing Hearthstone



Blizzard’s smash hit Hearthstone brought CCGs into the modern era, creating a fun and addictive title that attracted both card game veterans and newcomers alike. Due to its incredible depth and accessibility, its ascent to the upper echelons of the top grossing games charts was nearly instantaneous.

However, Hearthstone eventually hit a point where the mechanics and metagame were becoming stale, and Blizzard found itself unable to keep things fresh without introducing a major shakeup. Since then, Hearthstone has been losing players and ceding ground in the charts, despite being essentially the same game it always was. This article explains in detail how that happened, and how Blizzard is attempting to course correct.


As an owner of many Hearthstone cards and plays extremely casually, I do not agree with a lot of what is stated in that article.

The game is just as simple and fun as it was years ago. It is nowhere near the complexity of Magic. Yes they do introduce new mechanics but the old ones get phased out (unless you play “wild” decks, which allow for any card in the game to be used).

In competitive and general play, you are limited to the “classic” cards and the 3 most recent expansions/adventures. So those old cards and mechanics get removed from normal play.

Also, it’s a card game; luck and RNG play a huge part. It’s the nature of cards.

Maybe it’s because I’m casual, but I have never spent $100 during the release of a new expansion. I pay the ~$50 to get 50 packs, take my cards then craft anything else I need. The ability to craft cards is a huge benefit over playing a physical card game. And you earn enough in-game currency from daily quests to buy additional packs as needed.

Again, as a casual I am able to win the required matches and earn my spot on the ladder.

Not impressed with the article.


This game is just too damn expensive to play…especially for a card game. And yes I could play Arena or a free to play deck but than you never get passed level 18.


I never did get into this game. Think I have it on my phone, but played it maybe twice, lol.


Those are the most expensive. Magic set the tone.


…I don’t want to talk about it; I’ve spent a hefty chunk of change on that game over the last ~20 years (not including what I talked my dad into buying before that) :wink:


The biggest thing for me is I can’t trade or do anything with the cards. With Magic, if I snag a booster pack and get a Mythic Rare I’m never going to use (i.e. a blue, because I loathe playing blue) I just got the ability to either trade the card away for money or more cards, OR to go hunt down a Mythic Rare I do need for my deck and make the exchange. More than that, I can snag individual cards, and I could ostensibly build a mid-range tourney deck just off of decks that might end up running me $40-50.

Meanwhile, I could spend $100-150 on Hearthstone, STILL not get everything I need to build a coherent deck, and have jack-all I can do with the useless cards (and there are so. many. useless. trash. cards. in. Hearthstone.)

(Also, the RNG in Magic isn’t especially comparable to the RNG in Hearthstone–the amount of “random target” cards in Hearthstone or “random number of times” stuff is just…way higher than comparable effects in M:TG. Yeah, there’s always the luck of the draw but even then there’s way more card draw available in M:TG, AND way more tutors, etc. etc. IMO, there’s much more player control in Magic.)


(I think Hearthstone would be massively improved if I could just buy specific cards I need for my decks without relying on having to buy a bunch of packs to get the crafting currency first.)


Incorrect. You can always disenchant any “useless” cards (except for the class cards you gain from leveling up). You can then use that dust to craft the specific card you want.


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