5 Million Copies of PAYDAY 2 Being Given Away on Steam RIGHT NOW



#OP says it all; the video has the details:

TL;DW: All you have to do is download it and it’s yours forever (it will even include PAYDAY 2 VR which drops later this year)! No excuse now to not check it out; first come, first serve basis on the free copies :wink:


totally grabbed it…thanks for the post!! :slight_smile:


PayDay is a ton of fun but I always forget about it for some reason.


Because your computer is (still) broken :wink:


I think that I already have 4 copies. I bought a four pack for when my friends came over for LAN gaming. That reminds me, I need to get them over again.


You can also get some free DLC (it’s code & you download it… still counts):


Overkill just posted today that it’s last call on the free copies of PAYDAY 2; get it while you still can!