50 Follower Giveaway Event!



Hey everyone. I met my first goal of 50 Followers and my stream chat has been very healthy lately. As a thank you for all of your help, I am going to be giving away a POP on Saturday during my 24-Hour stream! I’ll be announcing specifics today, so please stop by the stream!




Do we get to choose the pop, or is it chosen for us?
Personally, I like Coca-cola


Congrats on the milestone. Well done :slight_smile:


Thank you guys. @Bradum No choice, but this will be delivered. If you win, I’ll even throw a hat in the box. :stuck_out_tongue:


Congrats on the milestone @Klutzy_dragon!

If only the US could be consistent in describing the beverage like us Canadians are… :wink:


Today is the day guys! :smiley:



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