50 minutes of The Division gameplay



The Division Gameplay. 50 Minutes worth of Gameplay from The Division, watch in 1440P 60FPS for best quality. Dark Zone and High Level Missions in here, enjoy!


Decent watch. It appears they’ve managed to get the visuals nearly onpar with assassins creed syndicate, which is great. Doubtful we’ll ever see what was demoed at E3 2013, but that is ok.


Man…im in the bar car on the HYPE TRAIN!!!



I think I just hyped in my pants a bit.


I cant wait to see how it looks on PC. Da Hyyyyyypeeeee



Damn this video has be hype



I like the idea of the floating hud while actually playing and not just in a menu (kinda like Dead Space), may get annoying though since it moves so often. I assume that’s so it’s always close to where you’re aiming, definitely like to try that feature out specifically.


The in game menus remind me of Dead Space, like a holo menu. Like @Philspaz said. And its that way because the agents have a device implemented in their eyes (Saw this from the live action mini series).


So I hadn’t heard about this yet.
Here are the videos for anyone interested.


Had a coffee (or two… or three) and watched this entire video this morning and it has me more excited than ever.


Well that was fun