6-Degrees of Freedom Controller



What is a 6 Degrees of Freedom controller?

It is a device that allows you to travel one, or several of 6 directions.

Forward, Backward, Strafe Right, Strafe Left, Ascend, Descend

Why is this important?

It allows you to pull off some pretty sick looking maneuvers within a multi-dimensional environment.

The real reason why you want it would be to out maneuver your opponents in combat:

The original video contains footage from the man who designed this:


There are other options out there as well:


So little time though, but this looks absolutely amazing. The good part about using a stewart platform with servos instead of a potentiometer is that you can set a pull to a deadzone instead of having to jerry-rig your controller to reach it via springs.

What this means is, on every controller you have out there, PS4 / 3 whatever, the little thumb sticks naturally pull to a spot where they produce very little of a signal that moves your character. Through programming you can tell the controller ONLY to react if the person doing input pushes it past a certain point in the circle, essentially this is a deadzone, where, when stationary, the controller reports no movement.

It will be really amazing to see what controllers come out over the next few years for this game once razer and other controller businesses get in on the trend.


Pretty damn amazing. This stuff makes me want to create a whole setup with a flight chair and joysticks and stuff just for this game.

I hope it’s not vaporware!