6th currency

So the grimoire has slots for 6 forms of currency. The ones I have unlocked are glimmer, vanguard marks, crucible marks, strange coins, and upgrade materials. But one of the cards is blank. So what do you guys think? Possible 6th currency for the Queens bounty update tomorrow?

Queens bounty update is tomorrow? :o Awesome! Can’t wait!

That aside, not a clue, lol.

Yeah supposed to be coming with the weekly reset.

The weekly reset for Mark caps?

Weekly strike reset and raid lockout reset as well, yes.

That would make sense, really curious to see how this works. I saw data mined stuff where you had to complete things like bounties then pick rewards from a vendor. I’d like to see them make use of the Reef, but Bungie hinted that the vendor will be at the Tower.

It wasn’t really hinted. In the weekly blog post they specifically said that the tower would open up for the queen. I think it’ll be the area behind where Xur was last weekend. I feel like they put him there to make us aware of the door. Though I have no doubt that the Reef will be used more at some point.


The Sixth Currency is…

Green Engrams farmed from treasure caves.


But will it make you the best pleasure caver in the world?

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