8-bit Salute: Let's Get Together and Give


##4th Ann 8-Bit Salute On May 16th
This could be really fun, and with so many former troops in our midst I can’t see why we wouldn’t get together and do this.


From the name, I thought it was meant to be 8-bit game streaming only, but it says anything can be streamed. What’s the 8-bit part of the name for? Just a play on an n-gun salute?


I thought the same thing. 8-bit is basically just Nintendo (original) and Sega 1000 and Atari, would be fun.


I thought the same at first too.


Just in time for Witcher. Do we have a team?


Not yet, I don’t think. Maybe @Vocino will start one up?


Yes, vocino, enable us.


I will participate but I don’t know if I’ll go all out for this one. I already beat all my friends over the head to donate to Children’s Hospitals during Extra Life.


It’s definitely a play on the salute which is only for funerals and general officers (Army rules, anyhow); because of this, it has that extra implied layer of respect/homage :wink: