8+ Hour Stream Starting 11AM EDT


I’ll be starting my monster stream of retro games starting at 11am EDT today at http://twitch.tv/shaneplaysgames. The list of games I’ll be playing is on my channel.

There will be five giveaways throughout the streaming, provided there are 5 different people on the channel when I choose a winner. I’ve got Super Win the Game, Steamworld Dig, Borderlands GOTY, and Super Chibi Knight for Steam, and a download of Com Truise - In Decay.

This will also be the first time I’ll be streaming with video, so we’ll see how that goes. Hope to see you in chat!


Be sure to watch shane! He’s onto Super Metroid for the next hour!


I’ve been watching Shane all afternoon. Not only has he picked some awesome NES games, but he really knows a lot about them.

Anyone that has some time to kill really check it out. His Shadowgate run really had some interesting tidbits not only about the game itself but also the console.


I’ve been put of the house all day, but I plan to stop by before the Planetside 2 OP :wink:


Coming down the final Stretch with Metroid Zero Mission and few others!


Thanks to everyone who stopped in! It was a lot of fun playing games in short intervals. I’m thinking I’ll try that again next time. Congratulations to the winners of the Steam games! A message was sent to you via Twitch with your Steam key.