9/30/14 Nightfall - Cheese the End Boss Video. Youtube

For those who believe “If you ain’t cheeseing then you ain’t trying hard enough”

This is how to take down the End Boss in this weeks night fall, you can do it solo or with a party.


No way!!! Another boss can be cheesed! I should have known this could be a thing… I had a guy in a strike one time go AFK in this corner and dance to get the free win. Thanks for the share, looks like another week of glorious glowing helmet

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@ZombieKarsh @lazybum965

man! while I do want my nightfall win I’m kinda bummed to see another exploit. Anyone want to try to do it legit? I’m a lvl 27 Warlock. Hey after all if we can’t make it we can always do this :open_mouth:

We need to do the nightfall it seems. Question though… should we wait until the patch drops? I hear they patch on Thursdays. If they do, then we can guarantee that if we get a legendary engram it will stay legendary.

Or we can just go for it I guess.

No point in waiting it rarely gives engrams from my experience. It usually gives legendary or exotic items or ascendant materials.

From what I saw on Reddit, they’ve changed the loot table at the end to sometimes just give engrams. But, you make a good point, I see mostly exotics from people who have completed it. Also that rep bonus is very tasty.

I did it yesterday and got an exotic and @SkullKontrol got 10 ascendant shard and you are right about the rep bonus its extremely tasty!