9 Minutes of Watch Dogs 2 Gameplay....Here We Go Again



I must admit…they know they have something to prove and this game does look good. I think I will wait for reviews and probably a month after release to even look at purchasing though. IF these really are the real in engine graphics, the game does look good. But there is a reason why I use the term “watchdoged” in a sentence speaking about downgraded graphics.

FYI, ign’s video player is shit and its seriously cut up very poorly. I don’t know how they even published such trash. Usually they post to youtube and I watch there but I could not find it.


This is all I have to say about their trailer looking nice.


Yup. Totally.

But to their credit it does look like they made the open world way more interactive. They know Watchdogs 1 was a mess. Everyone is hoping its like Assassins Creed vs Assassins Creed 2.


Gameplay looks exciting but i shall refrain until reviews have had time to stew. Maybe in the meantime I’ll play the first game.


I’m not impressed with the in-game graphics that were shown… launching that action trailer before hand makes the game look like a last gen title to me… idk… It almost looks like a downgrade


Agreed. Swear those models are from last-gen gta v


More positive news:

Players can shoot while driving in Watch Dogs 2, can turn off co-op feature


But can you properly hack while driving. One thing I remember from #1 was how difficult it was to try and trigger the blockades while driving and NOT get stuck behind them. Also trying to hack traffic lights was another failboat


these are the things I will be waiting to understand before purchasing. I honestly feel in my gut this game will be good. They know they have alot to prove. I think we should all learn though, don’t buy a new Ubisoft IP. Watchdogs, The Division, Assassins Creed…either they are pushing these games out too early or Ubisoft has way too much control over these devs and they restrict them to save $ (and then they learn not to do that on the second iteration).






That’s been a thing for just about forever; it’s to discourage shitposting :wink:


It looks like @GuardianX wants to relive the nightmare that was The Division. I just heard on Discord that the game has lost 93% of its players since launch, thats pretty impressive.

Jokes aside, I will say that Tom Clancy’s Assassins Watch Crew Splinter Division Dogs 2 looks fun.


Where do people get these numbers?

And Division is still strong on Twitch. Always has a few thousand viewers and in the top 10-20 games.




Can’t seem to load the page.


It took longer than usual to load for me as well, but it came up eventually… It’s just a small graph with some information pointed out of the decline.


IGN’s web player is straight out of 2007. They are a joke. It’s on youtube now.


Streamer house is the reason it is so high up with typically 2200 viewers; next is anywhere from 120-220 in the next channel. I think SH might be playing it since Nvidia sorta sponsors them and they had the whole promotion thing with The Division.

Prior to 1.2 update the game was a major ghost town, with the dark zone rarely seeing people. It seemed to have changed a bit after the update, but not sure how well that has sustained.

As for the player base, most people refer ro steam numbers.


So that doesn’t consider any console users or people (like me) who play directly through Uplay. Gotcha.


True, but if the trend is even remotely similar that’s still a huge hit for a AAA title that’s not been out for very long and hasn’t even released its first DLC.