A Basic Explanation of Dauntless Combat



Dauntless is a Monster Hunter-style game coming to the PC in 2018. It is currently in closed beta and the mechanics are still changing. I am writing this quick guide to inform other Strats members who just entered beta testing on how the game currently works.

There are five weapons in Dauntless:

  • Sword
  • Axe
  • Hammer
  • Chain blades
  • War pike

There are three damage types in Dauntless:

  • Slashing (sword, axe, chain blades) is best for cutting behemoth parts
  • Blunt (hammer) is best for staggering (knocking down) behemoths so you can freely hit it
  • Piercing (war pike) applies wounds which increases damage dealt to specific behemoth parts

Damage is displayed in-game by color when hitting a behemoth:

  • Yellow is damage dealt to a behemoth part and counts toward cutting that part off the monster
  • Blue is stagger damage, generally dealt to a head or leg, and counts toward knocking down/staggering
  • Red is wound damage and is applied to a specific part. The part will have lines radiating from it once it is fully wounded.
  • Grey is general damage which is not applied to a specific part, usually to the behemoth’s torso.

Sometimes you will see 2 numbers when you hit a monster. For example, when swinging a hammer and hitting a behemoth’s head you will see both a blue and a yellow number.


I made a video for @PreshusKitty and @Biggles7268 showing what not to do when fighting the Rogue Shrike.

Hopefully this demonstrates the various damage colors.


The non rogue shrike has been kicking the hell out of us. May have to try the hammer a little bit. Enjoying the game, it doesn’t quite feel like it was ready for a closed beta though.


yeah i wasn’t talking about the rogue…


Very interesting. I was wondering what the different damage colors meant. I re-downloaded it and have been trying it again (bought it back when it first launched) but it’s definitely different. Didn’t have war pike back then, CB was the best, etc. Have been enjoying hammer quite a bit and have Charogg’s down pretty well atm.


Switched to hammer and things are a lot easier for us now lol.