A Big Thanks


I really appreciate everyone who helped out yesterday with the nightfall walk through for veterans. It means a lot to me to be in a position to help those that serve our country, we would not have the opportunities that we have today without them. It might seem small to help someone with a mission in a video game, but many of these people are just like us. Many of these people like to play games, but they don’t have time. They take their time to work, go to school, and do deployments all while we sit at home. This puts them in a situation where they can’t do the things that they love. So while running them through some missions might seem small, it can make an impact and make them feel appreciated.

This is the Strats difference

We are a community that loves to game together, but we take the time to organize and help who we can. I hope to continue this in the future, with all of your help, and make a difference. :smile: