A Call to Arms

Hello Fellow Strats
Zymora Here, Asking if anyone Has An interest in Crafting. We Are Looking For A few devoted Crafty type players to help build our guild up. If you can post as a reply what you Are or have an interest in working on. This would be greatly appreciated. Don’t be Shy jump on in and get your feet wet, Let us make this guild the best it can be.

                                                                                                                            Thanks All
                                                                                                                          < Zymora >

I’m kinda working on Alchemy right now, but I’m focused more on leveling right now so it’ll be slow. But yeah that’s what I’m working on!!

Currently metalworking at 7000 and can craft plate up to level 40.

Here’s where I’m at with crafting… I’m gonna go with Leather working. But if there is anything anyone needs, at far as “MATS” PST to me or let me know what ya need, I can get it growing on my farms.

I’m going to do the handicrafts.

I’ve been working on Tailoring but it’s slow work. :frowning:

Blacknightshade is doing carpentry
Redphoenixfire is doing cooking

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We will want to add how high our proficiency is. I am currently at 11000 metalworking

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I’m around 2500 on handicrafts, which means I can craft any of the level 2 rings, earrings, necklaces, etc. I’m gathering more mats and gold to be able to move up to the third level pretty soon.

I’ve now also crafted several bamboo fishing poles, so ping me if you are looking for one.

For anything you need, I just need you to cover the (expensive) mats.


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My leather working is now At 15800