A Challenger Approaches

Hi. I’m mnkyband, sometimes known as arterialTick, sometimes Captain Jack Hardass. Just looking to find a decent community to play some games with, and this one seems pretty great. I’m from the eastern U.S., currently a high school junior. I usually play Warframe, Garry’s Mod, and Team Fortress 2, but I’ve recently been getting back into Minecraft.

Looking forward to joining the community!


Welcome to Strats!

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Welcome to the Dark side brother. Happy to have you.

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And what exactly is the origin of this name.


Hiiiiii @mnkyband! Welcome to Strats! :smiley:

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I had my Steam name as Captain Jack Harkness for a match of Team Fortress since a couple of my friends had Doctor Who-related names, but someone misread it and I just loved it.


And thanks for the greetings, all. I’m glad to be here

Hi @mnkyband welcome to Strats! What do you like to do in Garry’s Mod?

Usually I just mess around with airboats and thrusters. It really weirds people out when I drive one up a wall, haha

How about you?

Awesome, welcome to Strats

I actually don’t have a lot of experience with Gmod! I’ve heard people within Strats talk about stuff like prop hunts and all that, just curious to know what people like to do in it.

Well met. Have a great time here with the Strats group. :slight_smile:

This phrase still gives me salt.

Welcome to Strats! If your up to the challenge, raise your head and march forward.

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