A Day of Adventure



Well folks today was a day of goofing off, exploring, and actively avoiding leveling up today. With a co-star in the form of @jadis and guest appearances by @Shmack @Crazy_Matt and @Zero. We climbed buildings with a boat in the middle of the city, took some airships to some cool places, discovered dragon eggs and hidden farms, truly how to play an MMO. Honestly I usually get bothered when I’m not leveling constantly or quickly and it didn’t bother me once with all the stuff this game has to offer no matter what you do. Definitely look through the whole album though, there are some really cool pics in there.


Is this “your type of game” now? :stuck_out_tongue:


maybe… post your pics already :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m sorry, the quality is shit and i had to edit out the mumble overlay, but still-- these aren’t too terrible :smile: Adventuring today lacked leveling but included a lot of mountain climbing, secret tree farm uprooting (then giving up too much gold out of pity to the owner), going to jail but then flying back into jail to break draco out because he flew in to get ME out, ships on land, ships in the air and more!