A Dragon enters the battlefield! ~ AlexFalkor



Hey guys, the name is Alex Falkor.

Currently I’m 23 years old and have been at Twitch for about over a year. Despite this, currently I only have about 300+ followers (which I don’t mind, at least i know they are loyal and love me for being me ^_^).

I love playing with other people, so long as they are cut loose and know how to have a good time just doing whatever!

My favorite genre of games are RPG, Stealth, Shooters, Horror, RTS, and Puzzles.

Currently I own a Playstation 4 and anyone from Strats is more then welcome to add me, if they so wish.

  • My PSN is AlexFalkor-

My past platforms were

  • Playstation 3, Playstation 2, Playstation
  • Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Gamecube, N64, Super nintendo
  • Sega Genesis, Sega

My goal is to make myself known on Twitch so that I can start having a Voice, which will allow me to help other people out, start donations, and maybe even just be there for them by just playing games and giving them a good time. I’ve always wanted to just help people in general and me just relaxing and doing what I love, being able to interact with other people, is something I just set my sights on.


Hey mate, welcome (again) to the party! Let us know if you run into any issues or have any questions :wink:


Thank you again for the invite and the opportunity to be apart of this team and I really appreciate the warm welcome :slight_smile:


Welcome to Strats!


Welcome. Strats has a very dedicated Destiny group on the PS4. Then there are people like me who bounce around from PC to PS4 and back. I did just complete a Kickstarter survey for my copy of Bloodstained on PS4 though!

Even though my time is limited I do enjoy playing co-op games. I’ll add you to my PS4 list later today and we can try playing some games sometime.


Welcome I stream as well maybe we can link up


Welcome to Strats brah


Would love to toss you a follow, but I can’t find you on twitch. What’s your username?




Welcome to the darkside Alex

Also today is a victory for me @DrizztDo_Urden69


@gohanthesaiyan - Of course we can =) I love streaming with other people.

@teh_ninjaneer - Awesome! I’ll look forward to playing with you in the future~~

@ohnokenzilla - Oh you know what…I forgot to put my link. How silly of me xDD. My twitch name is Twitch.tv/alex_falkor

@Biff_Tannen - Thank you very much! I’ll be sure to add you when I get out of class today =)

@Dynamible - Thank you for the warm welcome :slight_smile:

@Freshie44 - Oh~ Got ourselves a Star Wars fan huh? I wonder if you play KOTOR…hm~~


Y’know what I was shooting people today, got my TwitchCon tickets today, and leave to cali in 4 days, so I’m ok with it… BUT I WILL END YOU! <3 with love… Welcome to the Dark Side @AlexFalkor, @Freshie44 is just stealing my saying, and I used to play KOTOR.


Welcome! Hope you like it here.


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