A familiar face :)


Hi! My name is Waffles, and I’m sure some of the vets on this website remember me, hi :smiley: @Auth @Vocino

For those of you that don’t know me, hi :smiley: I just graduated high school and have recently become a part of the PC master race. c: Sir William (my computer) is my baby and i’d save him before my cat. Anyways, I thought I’d drop by and get back in the loop with Team Strats now that I have time to dedicate myself here :slight_smile:


Welcome back to the party, Waffles! We need to get take the crew back out for a night of mayhem sometime :wink:


throwback :smiley:


you’re icon is freakin awesome


Welcome back! :heart_eyes:


Ty! c: It was from one of my niece’s books and I just had to take a pic of it and save it forever because thats is one angry pumpkin. I wish i knew the name of the book.


Waffles Waffles!


Welcome back Waffles!!


Welcome back!


“It’s Pumpkin Day”


:pc: Masta race.

Welcome back to the cave!


I enjoy the fact that you named your computer.


Welcome back!


Who doesn’t name their computer? This is Onos, the cell phone is Bobbler, the old rig was Fade, the old laptop was Skulk, the old phone was Cyst, and @PreshusKitty’s battlestation is Catbox :wink:


Welcome back to Strats! I’m new here. I’d also be the guy to offer you a :beer: normally, but we’re going to stick to a :lollipop: because I don’t want the :police_car: after me.

If I was your cat, I’d take issue with this.


Welcome back to Strats!


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