A Few Things (Archeage Newsletter #5)

Welcome Back All

We have a big week ahead of us and I, for one, am excited to mention our recent accomplishments.

  • Our own @Boomba captains the first Eznan Cutter in Strats’ fleet. For his outstanding efforts he has been awarded the Firepower badge. Let’s all let him know that he’s awesomeazing!!
  • The up’n’coming @Zeark has crafted and now captains his very own Merchant Ship. He’s a BAMF, we should let him know it!!
    ##Boomba’s Cutter

    ##Zeark’s Merchant Ship

Thanks to these two’s individual efforts our guild will finally be able to …

… start making that RFM.

#New Guild Direction

We are reorganizing, redesigning, and re-expanding our guild within Strats.
If you know of anyone who’d be interested in an officer position let us know.
Zymora and the rest of our remaning officers will be holding daily events from dungeon runs to Hasla farming.

  • Monday
    Hasla farming

  • Tuesday
    Trade runs

  • Wednesday
    PvP focus

  • Thursday
    Fishing excursions

  • Friday
    Free day (if there’s something you’d like the guild to do or help you with, let us know)

  • Saturday
    Changing weekly event (could be anything from world boss captures, dungeon runs, to Aruria castle raids.)

  • Sunday
    The guild leadership rests, have fun kids. Just don’t burn down the farm house.

##Short Post
I know, but we’ll have more for you guys next week. Keep an ear turned towards the forums and keep up that content.


It’s Sunday now…

(sung to old McDonald)…
Grab a pitch fork and a torch, Here I come to play!
Hack and slash and burn the fields, and watch you run away…



Good stuff, looking forward to it!

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I cannot wait to level up some more and participle in PvP night

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Tomorrow i have my 2 last midterms, just got Korean and Population Geography. I’ll be free to get on Thursdays-Saturdays, (another time is a no go, at school or work)

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Tis o.k. We’ll see you around Thursday!