A Few Things [Archeage newsletter no.1]

#Good afternoon everyone!

##Today is a good day,
@Madik has been promoted to our PR officer. He will be bringing new boots into our fold and has already increased our numbers by 9! This also means Madik will be taking charge of our weekly Reddit recruitment posts; remember to search ‘Strats’ once in the Archeage guild page to find our posts and upvote.

So I’d like to take this time to welcome:

  • @Knight222
  • @Kymora_Yuna_Staheli aka Zymora
  • @strukt
  • @Yuuto
  • @Darkspear
  • keaka
  • rikov
  • agfatal
  • nakamichi

##On the :musical_note: of recruitment

Anyone can do it! Come one come all mentality! Below you will find a form letter that you can copy and past into Archeage’s in-game chat, only spam to faction.

##Where we’re going

Our guild is located on the cliff’s of Karkasse, near Dragontail, just above the Mirage Isle portal. With a house built, two farm houses under construction, and five large scarecrow farms all positioned near each other, we will soon be the dominant guild in Karkasse. As of now our fleet includes Majordomo’s and my adventure clippers and LordErku’s harpoon clipper. DracoIsmenium will have his harpoon clipper made by the end of the day! Madik now has 80 guilda, so we will be rushing him for the Galleon.

##Please Remember

This is an 18+ gaming community, that means we are not rated PG… or even PG13 for that matter. Sometimes we may get a little rowdy and there is nothing wrong with that.

On a friendlier note, if you have any questions we have a great infrastructure of leadership who would be more than happy to address any concerns. Just PM @Majordomo, @DracoIsmenium, @LordErku, @Madik, or @Glock29. Anything that can’t be solved by our officers will be brought up to me and we can squash it that way.


Love you guys! Great work!


howdy nice to meet you all

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Hey back, stick around for more updates