A Few Things [Archeage newsletter no.2]


Good Morning STRATS & CO!!!

##We got new Boots!!
I’d like to take this time to welcome:

##On the :musical_note: of Recruitment
Anyone can do it! Come one come all mentality! Below you will find a form letter that you can copy and past into Archeage’s in-game chat, only spam to faction and nation channels.

Strats, an 18+ gaming community with a huge expeditionary force, is now recruiting. We use Mumble and have a great forum. /w me to join or ask questions!

Also, just a reminder, if you have not posted an introduction to our ‘introduction catagory’ please do so. We’d love to send some lovin your way!!!

##Where we’re going
Our guild is located on the cliff’s of Karkasse, near Dragontail, just above the Mirage Isle portal. The Cliff is ours!! We now have our guild house stocked and loaded and one farm house up and running along with a number of large and small scarecrow farms.
Our fleet is lookin pretty good I must say. We now have 3 harpoon clippers and 2 adventure clippers. Soon we will be rushing trade packs to Madik for our galleon.
There has been a lot of questions flying around lately on our intent. When Domo and I first started forming the Archeage branch of Strats we wanted to go pirate. Now, however, we are starting to question our original decision. The more we grind and explore the more we see that going pirate at this point, or even period, is going to be a huge pain in the back side.
So what should we do? Well, I think we should focus on crafting and making that gold. Other’s have suggested we become mercenaries, I am also partial to this idea.
What do you guys think? Reply to this thread and give us your input!

##Professions!!! :hammer:

Here is a list of our crafty men and women, if you haven’t chosen a main profession to further our guild, head on over to Kymora’s post and put your name down! We still need a Weapons Smith and a Carpenter.

  • Leather Worker - @Kymora_Yuna_Staheli
  • Plate Armorer - Majordomo
  • Tailor - Wheatums
  • Printer - Xephorax
  • Jeweler / Handicrafts - @Glock29
  • Alchemist - @Madik

That being said, if you need anything crafted PM one of us and we will respond with a list of materials needed and you’ll have your shinny new whatever.

##Please Remember
This is an 18+ gaming community, that means we are not rated PG… or even PG13 for that matter. Sometimes we may get a little rowdy and there is nothing wrong with that.

On a friendlier note, if you have any questions we have a great infrastructure of leadership who would be more than happy to address any concerns. Just PM Majordomo, DracoIsmenium, LordErku, Madik, or Glock29. Anything that can’t be solved by our officers will be brought up to me and we can squash it that way.

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