A Few Things [Archeage newsletter no.3]

#Good afternoon everybody
It has been a great week in-game! We now have 9 level 50s and a handful more just rounding the bend. I’d like to give a special shout out to those of you who have reached the level cap within the first month from launch. Kudos for you guyses intense grind!!! Hash tag YOLO

##Gearing Up
With our guild gaining more and more lvl 50s daily, we have had a bunch of questions on gear. Where should I go to farm for it, who do I speak with to start the quests, and so on. So to answer everybody’s questions at once, here’s a great guide on what to do at lvl50. It was written and posted by Seatin at manoflegends.com. For those of you who hate to read, he also made a 12 minute video.

##We need GILDA and GOLD

It’s time for us to start running trade packs on the reg!! We have reached the point where we need a fishing boat, a merchant ship / farm cart, and a Gallion. Needless to say, the fastest way for us to reach these goals is with Trade Runs. They aren’t that hard now that we have some beefy guildies on our side, in fact two were successfully ran last night.

If you’d like to schedule one feel free to post a thread calling for bodies, or get with our Event Manager, @Wayward, and he will do what he can.

Remember, the only way to make gold with a trade pack is to deliver it to the continent on which it was created. The opposite is true if you’d like to make gilda or resources. If you still find you’re having problems, check out @Klit’s post on cash monies!

##This weeks guild event

World Boss Round-up

This week we’ll be trying to tame/loot Tarian the Grim. Head on over to our Event Manager’s original thread for details and to sign up.

##Guild Professions
If you haven’t done so already, check out Majordomo’s Crafting Corner and edit in your profession and stats.

##Special Thanks

Goes out to one of our most recent guild mates, Bulula, for letting us use her shinny new farm cart!!!
We had a blast!! Thanks again for your patience Bulula!!!

##On the :musical_note: of Recruitment
Anyone can do it! Come one come all mentality! Below you will find a form letter that you can copy and past into Archeage’s in-game chat, only spam to faction and nation channels.

Strats, an 18+ gaming community with a huge expeditionary force, is now recruiting. We use Mumble and have a great forum. /w me to join or ask questions!

Also, just a reminder, if you have not posted an introduction to our ‘introduction catagory’ please do so. We’d love to send some lovin your way!!!

##Please Remember
This is an 18+ gaming community, that means we are not rated PG… or even PG13 for that matter. Sometimes we may get a little rowdy and there is nothing wrong with that.

On a friendlier note, if you have any questions we have a great infrastructure of leadership who would be more than happy to address any concerns. Just PM Majordomo, DracoIsmenium, Wayward, LordErku, Madik, or Glock29. Anything that can’t be solved by our officers will be brought up to me and we can squash it that way.