A Few Things [Archeage newsletter no.4]

Hello everyone!

This week i have exciting news to share with all of you! There has been a change in leadership and new people will be in charge of generating content for our guild. Our new guild master will be @Kymora_Yuna_Staheli aka Zymora so please welcome our new glorious leader.

She will be responsible for creating exciting opportunities for all of us so that we can fully explore the possibilities offered to us in Archeage. From now on we will be offering APEX every month to those who create quality content and through raffles for those who join our weekly events! Fun and APEX you say? Well sir count me in!

Wednesday the 29th and Sunday the 2nd at 17:00 CST!

The first one will be a guild trade run where we will be getting together and at the end one lucky member will be getting gold! Every member that will participate will be asked to pay 1 gold to cover the cost and at the end we will be giving away that amount to the lucky winner! The trade run will be to the enemy faction and then to freedich island for gilda!

Wednesday 29th at 19:00 CST

The second event will be the Fisherman of the Day contest! Whoever catches the fattest small carp will be getting an the title Fisherman of the West on the forums!
Make sure you have some proficiency (500 would be enough). Take a screenshot of the gold amount rewarded for your carp and post on the forums in the thread for the event and claim your prize! (thread will be up this Wednesday)

Youtube footage and happy fun times!

I am looking for fun and interesting content to put up on our youtube channel. Record and send me raw footage and i will go through it with the help of @Vocino. We will edit it and then post it. The most interesting footage will get you an APEX!

Finally we will be instituting a monthly Pic for APEX event. We will get together and every month we will choose the best picture of the month and reward the member who took and posted it with an APEX. So get crakin!

For November it will be 2 apex split into two events. First pic contest ends the 15th of November and the next one will run from the 15th to December the 1st


Thank you! I will do my best to make this guild all it can be.


In da Aaarrrmy! Yes, Drill Sargent!!

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