A Friendly elow

New to STRATS but old hand at mmorpg’s. Looking forward to playing with some organized peeps for sure!
Started lineage II beta (yeah that old) and been doing it every since.
I never mind helping the “new player” or advanced with pvp/raids/party help /mentor/mentee etc etc. especially in a guild since that IS my goal…to raise the guilds prominence above the rest!


Welcome! What game(s) are you playing now?

Hi Harpy welcome to Strats!

Welcome!! and…

Welcome Harpy to the best little corner on the interwebz!

Welcome to Strats! I’d ask what game(s) you play, but it appears that’s been asked already, lol.

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Welcome to Strats :smiley:

welcome my friend, what games are you playing atm?

hello all. am starting Archeage atm. also Rift.Just left EVE ONLINE After many years. Also left league of legends as well as Oblivion and skyrim. I am always open to a Great Mmorpg where large raids/guilds/sieges/apply.
Thanks for the warm welcome’s


Talk to @Zymora about ArcheAge. She leads the ArcheAge guild and they love new people!

Welcome! Looking forward to seeing you on ArcheAge

Absolutely we look forward to seeing you in game.

I used to play Archeage and some Rift but them I relapsed into WoW for the expansion. I was sober for 3 years or so damnit haha

However the Archeage guild is full of great people that can help with whatever you need!


I know that pain, new expansion is good though.

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