A little dice shaming



I haven’t played any games that involve dice in many years, but this made me chuckle.


I’ve never actually played anything like dungeons and dragons or the like, does anyone have any suggestions for starting out cheap? Decided I just don’t want to get back into MTG :frowning:


Play with someone who knows the game. They don’t have to be experts. Also some youtube videos can help but overall there are several editions and while some are more fun than others some are not as forgiving as others. I prefer 5th edition as the start. The editions are only there as rules and guidelines but the Dungeon Master can allow some stuff if they so choose.

If you don’t know anyone else with experience the going in fresh with buddies and the rule books is ways fine too. With some studying before hand. I suggest getting a starter pack to that way you can get figurines and tiles (or just nix the tiles and go for good ole big ass sheet of papers, the ones with the lines through them preferably)

If ALL of that sounds like a pain in the ass check out D20 dot com or dot net I forget. It’s an online version of the tabletop game.


cool thanks, I’ve been interested since I was young but was never around anyone that played. My brother-in-law’s been talkin me into it lately so I figure i’ll give it a shot


The 5th Edition rules are publicly posted on Wizards of the Coast’s website and there are a ton of pre-packaged, board-game-esque adventures using said rules that can be purchased all over the place.

Hell, just ask @DrizztDo_Urden69; they even made one about his ancestor :wink: