A new group of hackers are threatening to ruin Christmas for PlayStation and Xbox gamers again


I hope this isn’t true…if it is I hope you bought discs and not digital :smile:

A new group of hackers are threatening to ruin Christmas for PlayStation and Xbox gamers again


Discs won’t help you. There’s always a patch, registration, or phone home event required these days.

Unfortunately, this bullshit happens every year now. Why? Because of idiots who think they’re hot shit for using ssping and botnets. This is first grade networking shenanigans. Come on, kids.

Not to mention, how about taking down some KKK forums or some ISIS sites? Ruining Christmas day for kids who just got their first gaming console is how you want to make a statement? Really?


So true man. I said that last year when it happened, go do something important. If you are going to get in some trouble, why not get in some trouble for good? I took my first networking class this year, and even with the small amount I learned, I’m pretty sure I could easily perform these “hacks” myself. I plan on playing batman, witcher, and dying light over my break so I doubt it will interfere with anything I’m doing. I do however want to be able to play some battlefront though, or maybe some GTA online. So it would only slightly piss me off. After what happened last year I will never go digital again unless its a multiplayer game. So I disagree, psn being down shouldn’t stop me from playing any of my single player games.

Edit: I’m not sure if it is related or not, but I know Xbox live was shutdown for a bit yesterday.


Yeah idk where they get off ruining the enjoyment of kids who just get that new online game or the people who are just getting the console. Times like these I’m glad I have pc games to play but at the same time I hate that people are this mean.


It shouldn’t prevent you from playing single player games you already own. I was talking about getting a new game for christmas. For experience last year, every game I tried had a required day-one patch and/or some kind of phone-home ping that prevented me from playing.

This situation is even worse for Microsoft. Xbox Live is their flagship case study for Azure and generally when Xbox goes down, a lot of other client services are affected. They use Xbox Live as a selling tool for the platform but being on the same network as a huge target is more of a liability with stuff like this.


How do people turn out so shitty?


You’d think they’d be too busy trying to spoil SW:TFA. It is sad, and frankly hilarious that this is the only way they get any sort of self gratification. I’m surprised Sony/Microsoft haven’t lobbied to make these acts felonies (if they aren’t already).

Sadly I’ve come to accept that this is the normal and just don’t plan any real online play during this time.


Well I would think that performing a DDoS attack is a felony in itself.

Side rant: All they are doing is overloading their network to the point where it cant handle it, its not like they do any real hacking. Makes me want to learn how to hack so I can hack the hackers and royally fuck their lives up. God that would give me so much satisfaction.


It is a thing, next level inception style stuff happened with some of the hacker groups.

People just tired of their bullshit socially engineer their way into the group and then start ratting them out to police.


I’d like to sign up for that.


Invite them all to strats, harvest IP information, play the long con and then when they aren’t looking…

BAM, make a facebook account in their name, all their personal photos, all their address information and finally all their connections. Backed up into the cloud, never to be deleted, flagged as a deceased person so it can’t ever be altered.

Would be a nightmare for a “hacker”.


lol, that’d be sooo funny


That would be amazing. Those guys suck.


Lol. Play the long con.