A "Poetent" Intro


Hello everyone,

My name is Poetent and I’m addicted to video games. Since the wee age of 3 I’ve been playing video games religiously. Now here I am 27 years later, with 4 children of my own, still gaming! I stream on twitch, and I’m also pursuing another dream, which is body building. I may not look it now, but I used to be 315 lbs of dadbod. Now that I’m pushing for a healthier lifestyle, I’m starting to see the body I’ve always wanted, but I still have some work to go. Eventually I want to turn my stream into a IRL Fitness oriented stream with gaming inbetween, but alas, that will happen eventually.


Welcome! Gaming and streaming with kids is something a lot of us balance here. You’re in good company.

Some info on Twitch streaming:


Also, check out @Poetent’s channel https://www.twitch.tv/poetenttv


Welcome to Strats!! :strats_green:


Welcome to the site.

Have you heard of Bajheera? This guy might be someone good for you to follow if you are interested in body building and streaming.


Welcome to the party! Let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:


Hadn’t heard of this guy but watched a bit of him right now. He seems like a nice guy.


Welcome to Strats!


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