A Point Blank Verse Introduction


Hello Strats,

Since I plan on playing this Destiny game for quite a long time (on PS4), I’ll grab this opportunity and introduce myself.

My real name is Panos and I come from Greece. I am 35 years old, father of two young boys, and an avid gamer. I own a PS3 where I play Dark Souls 2 almost exclusively nowadays and a PS4 where I spend my time between NBA 2K, Madden, TLOU (which I love).

My first contact with the universe of Destiny was back in June during the Alpha cycle of testing. I loved the gunplay and the overall feel of the game and I decided right there and then to follow it through to release day. A Beta version and a couple of months later, I’m thrilled to be part of this amazing experience.

It’s a pleasure to see anyone in game and help anyone in whichever way possible.

Cheers all and see you in game.



Welcome Panos, one of our Elders @Majordomo is also from Greece.


That is actually unexpected !


Do you live in Greece or the us now?


I do live in Athens, yes


Ok man imouna ellada (agio stefano) eos to 2012 prin figo logo krisis hehe. Na ta poume sto mumble kapia stigmi :slight_smile:


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