A second chance for games

In case anyone isn’t aware, today Evolve relaunched on Steam as Evolve Stage 2. This is a free-to-play version currently on PC only. I believe this was sprung on everyone as I didn’t see any announcement about this beforehand (I still follow Evolve on Twitter).

The game first launched in Feb 2015. There has been about a hundred or less players previously. Right now at 10pm Central time, there are over 9,000 people playing the game. No idea how it will look in a week or a month, but at least people are giving the game a chance.

What really interests me about this is that the publisher, 2k Games, also handles Battleborn. As has been discussed here and in Discord, this game is struggling on the PC. Right now there are about 500 players online.

I’m wondering if Evolve is a test for 2k to see if a similar treatment might be beneficial for Battleborn.

I might log into Evolve and check out the changes. I downloaded an 18GB patch earlier today due to this… evolution.


impressions wanted. I tried the beta and was interested, but no one i knew wanted to play so i passed. Would def give this a try.

I reluctantly skipped Evolve. I think it was released just as my son was born so I was a bit busy. When I saw the free-to-play story pop up in my news feed I thought “oh yeah, Evolve!” I had completely forgotten about the game.

I think this will be good for them. It seemed like a solid game at the core.

The 4v1 concept looked like it was really going to boom. Bioware was also developing Shadow Realms, which was going to be 4 players vs a dungeon master-type player who controlled all the enemies. But that project was canceled. Dead by Daylight launched on Steam about a month ago which is a 4v1 campy horror flick. It seems to be doing ok so far. I’ve seen lots of Twitch streams.

I think Evolve had a better following on console than PC, which seems to be a common thing recently (Division, Battleborn). My 4-year-old son liked running around as the monster. I personally thought it was a neat concept but I’m not sure why the PC community didn’t connect with it.

At least now you can try it for free.

I’ve really enjoyed watching Dead by Daylight streams. From what I can tell people were all upset by the expensive DLC skins you could buy at launch for Evolve.

I was so excited when I rented evolve from Gamefly a long time ago, I’d been looking forward to playing it for like a year. Having spent literally the least amount of money and playing when the player base was still kind of there, I can confidently say those weren’t the reason I sent it back the next day. Super fun in premise, but after running around and around and around and around and around, I dreaded starting a new match knowing I was going to be running around doing nothing. If I was a hunter, the longer I ran around, the less it seemed worth it because I knew my chances of it being a fair fight were less and less. As the monster, my main goal was to delay any real gameplay for as long as humanly possible… Fatal flaw that is part of the core concept, it was doomed from the beginning :frowning:

Evolve had some potential but just didn’t build up enough audience after release. We had a few of us playing but just not enough to ever field a full team and just wasn’t as good with pugs plus took a lot longer to get in a match if didn’t have a full team at the time.

@Nubhugs had some really good posts on it leading up to launch last year:

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