A short clip from last night's VoG by Team Bravo

The rest of the raid will go up shortly, but I wanted to track down this little highlight showing how an attack phase on the final boss is supposed to go :wink:

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What was that shield thing you were holding?

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The main reason you have to use it is to cleanse a debuff that can kill you after a certain amount of time by emitting a protective bubble. People have to gather around the shield carrier when they are marked to remove it. Almost the entire raid is based off using it in fights

Additionally, it provides a damage buff against the final boss. People standing in the shield can shoot out, unlike a titan defender’s shield.

You do not need the shield to get buffed. The buff is triggered once teleport team comes back :smile:

By “buff” I mean “the boss can’t hurt you and you can dump ammo into him rather than having to duck behind cover or attack from angles that don’t provide you a shot on his weak spot.” :wink: