A stocking full of awesome!

I just recently discovered quirky.com . It’s a weird kind of website where off the wall, but unusually practical ideas come to life, and as we all know, gamers are not usually the tidiest of people. We tend to eat on the run, run cables on the fly, stuff things in our pockets, and generally put our gear thru hell.

Enter Quirky.com! I nabbed up the wrapster for the gamer in my life. LaceySilkySatin to those of you who played rappelz on the lydian server. She can’t keep up with a set of earbuds to save her life, and when she can, she proves that old gamer habits die hard, and shoves them in a heap into her pocket. The wrapster will let her quickly wrap up her phones and keep them snug up against the device of her chosing. There’s so much cool stuff for getting those messy desktops organized, or even some kewl kitchen gadgets and it’s not expensive at all. Can’t vouche for customer support yet as i have just placed my order this week and my item’s are not in yet. Will keep you updated. I’ve only ordered the one item, but I’m definetly on board for more if it comes thru in a timely matter.

Happy Holidays and Game on!

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Pretty cool stuff, thanks for sharing