A Toast to 15 Years

I can’t bring myself to play through WoW classic again for the nth time but this video sure got me in the feels.

C’mon… do it for a month @Vocino!

Everyone knows that’s not how this works. 1 month becomes 2 months becomes 3 months and before you know it you’re 8 hours into a 40-man raid pooping into a sock to avoid leaving your computer and causing a wipe.

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Bring yourself! It feels… right?

I can’t buy all of my skills because I spent silver buying bags from someone hocking wares in razor hill. No one knows where anything is. Someone showed me a quest I would not have remembered for a free (4-slot!) bag. I tried to pick up some herbs and got jumped by a scorpion and then someone stole my herbs.

No hand holding. No training wheels. No power-leveling. The grind is the game, and what a well crafted game it was. It had to be good because they were creating a world, not a segway to the next end-game content.

I recently took the plunge, begrudgingly. I must say that I’m pleasantly surprised.

I was convinced for many years that the outdated systems and combat style of WoW were the problem. Which pushed me to games like GW2 and ESO.

But after a few days playing classic, I can say this is not the case.

I can’t put my finger on it, probably because it’s several little things more than one big thing.
But Blizzard did something to WoW that made it just FEEL worse as time went on.

This product, WoW Classic just feels GOOD. And that’s all I can say about it.

But do you think that the Classic attracts only the older/previous players or is it interesting to new players as well? I honestly would like to know since most of the comments and hype I see come from the old fans.