A WOW:BFA War Mode confession



Posted in my company’s WOW group:

So this is a War Mode confession. When players are directed to Silithus to meet with Magni, they’re teleported into a city near Silithus. From there, most players mount up and fly a straight line to the Sword. Some people even fly AFK to it.

Well I’m on the ground. A little ways outside of that city. With my Net-O-Matic 5000.

For hours, I would shoot down Horde players trying to fly into Silithus. The Net-O-Matic 5000 dismounts flying players from an extreme range. Many of them die from the fall damage alone - many of them die to my Rogue. There was a mountain of corpses around me of my own design.

I’ve done my part for the Alliance. No regrets.


Wow, sounds like a toxic player. But shame on blizzard not making players affected by the net immune to falling damage, or given a parachute. Then at least someone like this would have to work for their honor gains.


All is fair in the battle for Azeroth.



War never changes.


We’ll there is such thing as a war crime, so not EVERYTHING can be fair in war.


i love it and its quite funny, heard that the week before launch horde would he sitting outside the new lorderon which is just a big mess now and shoot down allies into the blight.
funny stuff and its just a game if you get upset over this i think you need a time out


But WTF is “warmode”?


All servers are now PvE servers. In the same manner you used to temporarily flag yourself PvP on a PvE server, you now select War Mode when you want to PvP. This phases you onto a server (consider it an instance, I guess) with other people who have selected War Mode.

I guess it is a way to let everyone enjoy the quiet of PvE but still have the option of playing with PvP’ers any time they want.


Not the hero Azeroth needed, but the hero it deserved.