Aaaaaand Google / youtube just declared war on Cable TV


Watching Philly D talk about this:

Been a cord cutter for a LONG time. This might make it so that my family actually watches mainstream channels, maaaybe.

Can’t wait to see how this shapes the future!




Need more details and channel line up, but I aint mad about this. Been wanting to test out PSVue but just been super lazy.

Wonder how long until Comcast starts throttling YouTube traffic, lol!


PlayStation has been doing this for 2 years:


Yeah, I think that was mentioned in the OP video.


Apologies. I admit that I didn’t watch the video as I can’t make it through Philip D.


Don’t worry, I too don’t read posts I respond too, no offense taken!


But I did read your post, and I clicked through to the YouTube site and read the info there.


Agreed, though I think the animations and models of the game were never supposed to be front and center over the story. Overall I think the game SHOULD be enjoyable unless that one dev has had a huge say and injected a ton of SJW bullshit into the game.

Overall, my body is ready.


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