AB0L1SH3D's introduction


Hello, im a 36 yr gmaer from north eastern indiana. been playing albion about a week after launch. loving all aspect about the game and its potential. being beta ive delved into a bunch of dif branches on the destiny board to see what i like and whatnot. i currently play a dual dagger build and farm metal and stone t7. Games i play are Ark,Dayz,Diablo,Path of exile,Arma3, Heros and Generals. im have a 3rd shift job and my hours are usually around 8am-1pm daily. atm im on leave so im putting in alot more game time. Hope this is a good fit for me and a few of my buddies applying. we formed a guild of just us 5 and made it to the top 250 guilds by fame. one of us is top 150 player overall. we are moba friendly and game daily. Hope we can be a Helping factor to getting closer to #1.


Welcome aboard. more words to make the forums happy…


Welcome to Strats!


Hey mate, welcome to the party! Let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:


will do and thank you all for the hospitality :smile:




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