About the Basement category

Political talk, random not-as-safe-for-work-but-not-too-unsafe chat, and R-rated chatter for people to avoid while at work. No nudes; no X-rated content.

Note that this category is muted by default. Tracking a thread will override that but if you want to follow the category, change your tracking level at the top right of #basement :

#A word from your Community Manager/Fun Police
The #basement exists as something of an experiment in providing a forum category parallel to the long-running Discord channel (now) of the same name. When we initially opened the Discord channel, there were (admittedly) some growing pains that went along with it as things tend to get a bit more emotional, intense, etc. in there. Over the past several months, however, I believe it has become both an interesting and worthwhile addition to the various conversations occurring in Strats by providing a location for people to have discussions that might not sit well with everyone. The conversation here (as with there) is still expected to maintain a certain level of adherence to our community’s guidelines, (i.e., refrain from using homophobic/racial/sexist slurs) but the moderation will be a bit more relaxed.

##As an example:
Suppose persons A and B are having a heated discussion in the #basement and decide to kick a bit of dirt. If person A calls B a “Meanie-Head” and person B refers to A as “Prince Poopy Pants” in a #basement thread, this mutual exchange will likely be allowed so long as it doesn’t devolve into a full-blown flame war. However, should person A decide to label person C (a community member neither involved in the conversation nor a frequenter of the #basement) a “Liar Liar Pants on Fire,” we’ve got a problem. In short, I don’t mind if folks here get into it a bit, provided it stays in the #basement and consists of discussions by, of, and about its denizens; however, those who wish not to participate (i.e., aren’t commenting in the category) should be left out of the shenanigans, please. Likewise, do not expect any leniency shown in this category to extend elsewhere on Strats services (this mirrors how we’ve treated the corresponding Discord channel thus far).

##Participate in this category at your own risk.
Know that what goes on in here is probably not for the faint of heart or thin of skin, and the topics will inevitably be less than pleasant and/or controversial at times. It is for this reason that we have the category muted by default. If you’re not interested in participating in these discussions, I advise you leave it as such and just steer clear in the same way many of you stay out of #nsfw-basement on Discord. If you participated in or had entered/viewed the Bill Nye topic that was moved to the #basement, I recommend you mute it if you don’t want it to keep popping up on your feed via the dropdown at the bottom-left of the most recent comment.

The Discord channel has done a decent job policing itself, and I expect this category will do the same. I will be keeping an eye on things and will be personally fielding all flags in this category; if you have any concerns or questions now or in the future, feel free to message me.

Community Manager

@Auth - I don’t know why, but your post is super hard to read for those using dark theme (and maybe light too?).

Interesting. Might be something screwy with staff color in dark mode. I’ll disable the staff color for now until we have a chance to see what’s going on.

@Bradum go home you are drunk bruh