About the LFG category


Playing something awesome and want a buddy?

Post here! This category, suggested by @PreshusKitty, is for finding fellow players for games you’re playing. You get bonus points if you can provide some guest keys, bulk buys, or other great intros to ease other people getting into your game.

###Looking for folks playing on a specific platform? Check out the following listings:

New to strats co
Hello, hello!
Just joined and looking for Archeage players
Hello! BGM487 Here!
Meet George from Northern California

Her post disappeared while I was reading it!!!


I moved it so it was its own topic instead of a reply to the explanation xD Sorry. I fail at forums a little bit…


Thinking about this category, I’m wondering if this should be reserved for games that don’t have their own category or for all games. Any feedback?


I think all games in lfg. If there was a way to color tag the post even better. Otherwise we kinda bury other parts and it will be full of lfg posts.


That is what the categories are for. The concept of burying posts isn’t as relevant in these style of forums.


I am talking about color coding in the lfg category


Yup, I know.


Well when I originally envisioned the group I thought it could be used for finding people to play the non-mmo type games with. For example Castle Crashers, Portal, or some other games that can have 2-4 players but you don’t have a guild full of people to request help and groups from; or even games like Minecraft and 7 days to Die where group play is a lot of fun, but as previously stated, there is no real guild function.


I would not worry so much if a game has a guild function or need. The guilds are comprised of the community, not the other way around. If you were interested in 7 Days to Die becoming a talking point on Strats, I would create a post in uncategorized (root level) explaining what it is and how cool it would be to play. The more content you can add the better. Others will contribute and before you know it we have to make it is own category.

On the other hand, if you are just looking to see if there is someone out there that wants to play tonight, then you would build an appropriate post in LFG